CEA (UK) 2008 Conference Papers

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A  AROURI Mohamed El Hedi & LIU Chen XiangStock craze: An empirical analysis of PER in Chinese Equity Market (pdf)
B  Sun Bangzhu & Zhou JingtongMarket perfection, Income Inequality and the Human Capital Accumulation (doc)
 Elisa Barbieri, Marco R. Di Tommaso, Manli HuangGovernment Policy and Firm Strategy in Southern China Specialized Towns: "Western Categories" and "Oriental Practices" (pdf)
 John Bennett, Huw Dixon, Helen HuThe Effects of Reform of the Chinese Dual-Track Price System (pdf)
 Jing BIANLearning From The Game-Disclosure Rules in Chinese Securities Market (doc)
 Mario Biggeri and Danilo GambelliChinese provincial economic growth between 1986-2006 (doc)
 Sebastian Brueck & Laixiang SunDream of the Red Financial Supermarket: The Gradual Emergence of Integrated Financial Services Provision in China in the 21st Century (pdf)
C  Marianna CaccavaioThe Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns when Prices deviate from Fundamental Values (pdf)
 Prof Guillermo CardozaDeterminants to National and International Expansion of SEMEs from China (pdf)
 Jiandong Chen & Wenxuan HouNew Approach to Estimate the Chinese Gini Coefficients from 1978 to 2003 (pdf)
 Ling Chen, Hongbin Li & Maoliang YeInstitutional Environment and the Performance of Family Firms: Evidence from Chinese Private Firms (pdf)
 Minjia ChenFinancial Constraints and the Investment of Chinese Listed Firms (doc)
 Pi-Chi ChenDeterminants of Strategic Roles of Multinational Subsidiary: The Case of U.S.-Owned Computer Companies in Taiwan (pdf)
 Yu ChenOccupational attainment of rural migrants, urban migrants and local workers in Shanghai's manufacturing sector (doc)
 Myint Moe Chit & Amrit JudgeThe Role of Financial Sector Development on the Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility and Exports: Evidence from the emerging East Asian economies (pdf)
 Xin Chuai, David Preece & Paul IlesEconomic Reform and Talent Management in China: A study of multinational companies in Beijing (doc)
 Matthew A. Cole, Robert J.R. Elliott, Jing ZhangGrowth, Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese Cities (doc)
D  Ou Dai & Xiaohui LiuReturning Entrepreneurs vs. Indigenous Entrepreneurs: An Investigation of High Technology SMEs in Emerging Markets (doc)
 Guoqin Dai & Dr Weili TengPerformance Evaluation at Local Government Department Level in China - A case of People's Municipal Government of Hangzhou (PMGH) (doc)
 Sylvie Demurger, Marc Gurgand, Li Shi, Yue XimingMigrants as second-class workers in urban China? A decomposition analysis (pdf)
 Ziliang Deng, Rod Falvey & Adam BlakeThe Productivity Spillover of Foreign Direct Investment: A Computable General Equilibrium Model of China. (pdf)
 Peter Dickenson & Matias RamirezThe Limits to University-Industry Collaboration in Beijing's Science Park (doc)
 Julan Du, Yi Lu, and Zhigang TaoProperty Rights Protection and Firm Horizontal Scope: evidence from China'?s private enterprises (pdf)
F  Heiner Flassbeck & Massimiliano La MarcaSpeculation and External Adjustment Failures: can China be affected? (preliminary) (pdf)
 Dr Gaston Fornes & Dr Alan Butt-PhilipA Review of the Literature on the Expansion of China's Firms to Latin America (pdf)
 Michael K. Fung & M. K. LeungX-efficiency and convergence of productivity among the national commercial banks in China (doc)
 Furong JinWithin-urban inequality and the urban-rural gap in China (pdf)
G  Lan GaoDeterminants of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment (doc)
 Teng Ge & Roberto Parra-SeguraSearch, Migration, and Social Connections: The Puzzle of Migration to Beijing (pdf)
 Sourafel Girma, Yundan Gong, Holger G÷rg & Zhihong YuCan production subsidies explain China's export performance? Evidence from firm level data (doc)
 St. Gravemeyer, Th. Gries, J. XueIncome Disparity and Discrimination in Shenzhen (pdf)
 T. Gries & M. RedlirChina?s provincial disparities and the determinants of provincial inequality (pdf)
 Alessandra Guariglia, Xiaoxuan Liu & Lina SongIs the growth of Chinese firms constrained by internal finance? (pdf)
 Lan GuoPro-poor Tourism in China: Preliminary Investigation (doc)
H  Rui HAO and Zheng WEIFundamental Causes of Inland-coastal Income Inequality in Post-reform China (pdf)
 F.Hay , C.Milelli & Y. ShiStrategies followed by Chinese firms abroad - Case studies in Europe (doc)
 Haoran He, Linxiu Zhang & Qiang LiHow to Reduce Non-point Pollution from Crop Production? The Case of Fertilization in China (doc)
 M.J. Herrerias & Vicente OrtsEquipment Investment, Output and Productivity in China (pdf)
 Helen (Xiaoying) HuThe Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on the Chinese Endogenous Economic Growth (pdf)
I  Paul C. Irwin CrookesChina's drive towards an innovation economy and the role of intellectual property regulations: progress and tensions in the software and software services markets. (pdf)
J  Chunxia Jiang and Shujie YaoThe Effects of Governance Changes on Cost and Profit Efficiency of Commercial Banks in China: 1995-2005 (doc)
 Fei Jiang and Lawrence A. LegerThe Impact on IPO Performance of Reforming IPO Allocation Regulations: An Event Study of Shanghai Stock Exchange A-Shares (pdf)
 JIANG Yuexiang (???), SI Wen (??)Study on Workers Condition and Employee's Benefits in Private Enterprises in Zhejiang Province (doc)
K  Tuuli Koivu, Aaron Mehrotra & Riikka NuutilainenMcCallum rule and Chinese monetary policy (doc)
 Dr. Gopal Krishna PalEconomic Reform, Inequality and New Challenges in China (doc)
 Fung KwanLabour Productivity and the Incidence of Supus Labour - Experience from Chinese Agriculture during Reform (pdf)
 Charles C L KwongMission Completed or Problems Unsolved? A Policy Review of China's Banking Reform (doc)
L  Xuelian Li, Hong Bo & Zhongnan HuangChanges in the use of Proceeds from Rights Issues: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms (pdf)
 Hong Li and Vince DalyTesting the balanced growth hypothesis: Evidence from China (pdf)
 Huaning Li, Colin Clarke-Hill and Barry DaviesCompetitive Advantage of Sino-British Joint Ventures in China (doc)
 ShiNa Li, Adam Blake & Chris CooperChina's Economic Reform and the Economic Impact of International Tourism during the Beijing Olympics: A Computable General Equilibrium Modelling Analysis (doc)
 Yaqiong Li & Lihong HuangOn the Relationship between stock return and exchange rate: evidence on China (pdf)
 Zheng Li, Shuanping Dai & Ping ZhengWhich Theory Is Directing China's Reform of State-Owned Enterprises: From 1978 to 2008 and Onward? (doc)
 Lin XiongInvestment Efficiency and Financial Development in China (doc)
 Zhaohong LinDo Human Resource Best Practices Contribute to Firm Performance in the Transition Economy? A Survey in Chinese industries (pdf)
 Aying Liu and Dike LiGrowth of China's Urban Middle Class: Its Impacts on the Social and Economic Development (doc)
 Laijun Luo, Louis Brennan, Chang Liu & Yuze LuoFactors Influencing FDI Location Choice in China's Hinterland (doc)
 Aying Liu & Yinghong WuHidden Driving Forces of Fujian Illegal Immigration to the UK and its Economic and Social Impacts (doc)
 Linlin LIU & David Daokui LIRMB Internationalization: An Empirical and Policy Analysis (doc)
 Jiajia Liu and Andrew TylecoteCorporate Governance and Technological Capability Development: Three Case Studies in the Chinese Auto Industry (doc)
 Xiaming Liu, Chengang Wang, Jue Wang and Yingqi WeiTechnology Adoption and Creation in Multinational Subsidiaries in China (doc)
 Xiaoli LiuFinancial Development and Economic Growth in China: 1991 to 2003 (doc)
M  Zheng Ma, Kulwant Pawar, Johann Riedel, Chih-Cheng LinThe culture influence on the NPD teams - The comparison study of Chinese and British NPD team (doc)
 Barbara MartiniChina and Italy: Is China an opportunity to avoid Italian decline? (pdf)
 Vincent Mok, Godfrey Yeung & Xiaoping XuThe Determinants of Lending by Banks in China (doc)
N  Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann D., Sebastian Vollmer, & Inmaculada Martinez-ZarzosoDoes Comparative Advantage Make Countries Competitive? (pdf)
O  Selin OzyurtRegional Assessment of FDI and International Trade Spillovers in China from 1979 to 2006: A space-time model. (pdf)
P  Albert Park, Xiaoqing Song, Junsen Zhang & Yaohui ZhaoRising Returns to Skill, Labor Market Transition, and the Growth of Wage Inequality in China (doc)
 Ivan PeshkovMonetary and Exchange-Rate Policies in an Unrestructured Transition Economy. The Case of China (doc)
 Mariusz PrˇchniakReal economic convergence between central and eastern Europe and the European Union (doc)
Q  Yongyuan QiaoThe Nature of Underwriter Network in IPOs: A Layered Structure (pdf)
R  Jia Ren & Eric PentecostThe determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in China (doc)
S  Ramesh SangaralingamInfrastructure As Economic Density (doc)
 Zhi Shen, Hailin Liao & Thomas Weyman-JonesCost Efficiency Analysis in Banking Industries of Ten Asian Countries and Regions (pdf)
 Walter Steingress & Hylke VandenbusscheForeign Direct Investment, Financial constraints and growth in China (pdf)
 Fang SuHow to Help China Enterprises Retain Attraction to Western Enterprises? ---Is Training a Panacea for a China's JV Enterprise's Development? (doc)
 Yu-Shan Su & Ling-Chun HungSpontaneous vs. Policy-Driven: The Origin and Evolution of the Biotechnology Cluster - The Case of Bay Area in the United States and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in China (pdf)
 Laixiang Sun and Damian TobinChina's Adaptation to Global Best Business Practices (pdf)
 Xiao Sun & Catharine RossThe Training of Chinese Managers: A Critical Analysis of Using Overseas Training for Management Development (pdf)
 Dylan Sutherland and Lutao NingExploring and Explaining the Extent of Concentration and Diversification in Chinese Business Groups (doc)
T  Damian TobinFrom Maoist Self-Reliance to International Oil Consumer: A Resource-Based Appraisal of the Challenges Facing China's Petrochemical Sector (pdf)
 Damian Tobin & Shikha SinghInternational Best Practices, Domestic Constraints and International Listing: Evidence from China's State Banking Sector (pdf)
 Thi Anh-Dao TranVietnam's export in face of China's competition: an overview and assessment (pdf)
 Andrew TylecoteCorporate governance and technological development in Chinese firms (doc)
V  Hinrich Voss, Peter J. Buckley, and Adam R. CrossThirty years of Chinese outward foreign direct investment (doc)
W  Jun Wang, Charlie X.Cai & Kevin KeaseyThe Interaction between Internal and External Corporate Governance Mechanisms: Evidence from Bank Loan Litigation in China (pdf)
 Lei Wang, Alessandro Lomi & Erik LarsenDynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Electricity Industry in China: A Social Network Approach (doc)
 Lihong Wang & Nancy HuyghebaertThe Co-Movement of Stock Markets in East Asia. Did the 1997-1998 Asian Financial Crisis Really Strengthen Stock Market Integration? (pdf)
 Yi WangDoes Local Competition Threaten Foreign Affiliates: Evidence from China (doc)
 Maureen WhiteheadHistory in the making: China's Economic reform of the distribution system. Lessons and Challenges in developing a modern distribution system (doc)
X  Yue Xu & Joseph G NellisForeign multinational banks in China: Are their entry strategies different? (pdf)
 Ding Xuedong & Jun LiTax Incentive and Innovation in China (doc)
Y  Chia-Han Yang, Jerry Tang & Joseph Z. ShyuA Study of Investment Approach for Foreign Companies in Accordance with the Policy Change in China (doc)
 Yong YangThe Impact of Exporting on Firm Performance: Evidence from Chinese Firms (pdf)
 Shujie Yao, Dan Luo, Morgan StephenThe Relationship between SSE Composite Stock Index and Banking Stock Prices: A Causality Analysis (doc)
 Maimaiti Yasheng & W S SiebertProviding Education for Adolescent Girls in China - The Power of Water (doc)
 Zhen YeChina's Creative Industries: Clusters and Performances (pdf)
 Huanjun Yu, Hans van Ees & Robert LensinkThe Role of Business Groups in China's Transition (pdf)
 Mei YuCEO duality and firm performance for Chinese shareholding companies (pdf)
 Chenghao Yuan, Leilei Lu & Juan YuThe Financial System Changes after Chinese Split-Share Structure Reform from 2005 (doc)
Z  Wenwen ZhanOwnership Reform, Expropriation and Protecting Minority Shareholders: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms (doc)
 Yongmei Zhang and Dr Ian LovegrovePerformance Appraisal for Chinese State-owned Banking Industry (doc)
 Jinghai Zheng Yuning GaoProvincial Productivity in China: Accounting for Environmental Factors (1999-2005) (pdf)
 Dr Ping Zheng & Prof. Bradley R. BarnesEntrepreneurial Growth Strategies under Market Socialism in China (pdf)
 Yu Zhu, Zhongmin Wu, LiQuan Peng & Zude Xian.Where Did All the Remittances Go? Understanding the Impact of Remittances on Consumption Patterns in Rural China (pdf)
 Yiping ZhuTrade, Capital Flows and External Balance: A Comparative Study on China in Two Hundred Years of Globalisation (pdf)
 Huan Zou & Xiaoyun ChenResources, Capabilities and New Venture Growth Choice (doc)