Chinese Economic Studies Events

CEA UK/Europe annual conference

Details of the next CEA UK/Europe annual conference will be announced on this site in due course.

Past Conferences

CEA UK/Europe 2012 annual conference

The CEA UK/Europe 2012 annual conference was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University, in April 2012.

CEA Conference, Dublin, July 2011

The CEA Europe/UK Annual Conference, 2011, entitled 'China's Economic Dynamics and Its Impacts on the World Economy: A Beijing Consensus in the Making?' was held 14-15 July 2011 at University College Dublin, Ireland. Further information: Conference page.

ACESA 2011 Conference

The 23rd ACESA Conference, China's Growth and the World Economy, jointly organised by UWA Business School, the University of Western Australia and the Association for Chinese Economic Studies (Australia) (ACESA) was held 7-8 July 2011. More information: ACESA Conference announcement.

CEA Annual Conference 2010

The CEA Europe/UK Annual Conference, 2010, entitled 'Global Economic Recovery: The Role of China and Other Emerging Economies' was held 12-13 July 2010 at the University of Oxford, UK.

Academic papers presented to CEA 2010 Conference.

CEA UK/Europe Annual Conference, 2009

The 20th CEA(UK) and inaugural CEA(Europe) conference, "China and the Changing Landscape of the World Economy" was held 23-24 July 2009 at University College Dublin.

CEA (UK) 2008: "China's Three Decades of Economic Reform (1978-2008)"

The 19th Annual Conference of the CEA (UK) took place 1-2 April 2008 at the University of Cambridge, UK. Venue: New Hall, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DF

Some CEA (UK) 2008 Conference Papers are available for download.

Selected papers from previous annual conferences have appeared in Economics of Planning (Vol. 34, N.1-2) and the China Economic Review (Vol. 12, No. 2-3, 2001) as special issues. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (JCEBS) has published selected papers from CEA (UK) annual conferences over past several years. A collection of the papers from the 2001, 2002 and 2003 CEA(UK) annual conference have been published by Curzon in Special Volumes.

CEA (UK) encourages research activity and scholarly exchanges between Britain, EU countries and China. Since 2002, CEA (UK) has successfully coordinated five joint conferences with Chinese counterparts including 2002 joint conference with the College of Economics, Zhejiang University, 2003 joint conference with Xian Jiaotong University, 2004 joint conference with East China Normal University, 2005 joint conference with Chongqing University and 2006 joint conference with the School of Economics, Nankai University.

Selected Other Past Events

Hunan Forum, 2010, Hunan, China.

Oxford Forum on China and the World Economy, 2009, Oxford, UK.

Fudan Conference, 2009, Fudan, China.

IFCCS Conference, 2008, Nottingham, UK.

CCER Conference, 2008, Oxford, UK.

ACESA Conference, 2008, Townsville, Australia.

IACMR Conference, 2008, Guangzhou, China.