Dr Jun Li - Chinese Economic Association (UK/Europe)

Dr Jun Li

President of CEA (UK/Europe) 2011-12

Vice President of CEA (UK/Europe) 2012-13

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Essex Business Scool, University of Essex, UK.

Email: junli@essex.ac.uk

Dr Jun Li previously held posts at University of Bedfordshire Business School, Birmingham City University Business School, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is currently a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in China. He teaches and researches in the areas of entrepreneurship and policies, innovation management, and Chinese entrepreneurship. His recent publications include Financing China’s Rural Enterprises (Routledge, 2002), and edited special issues in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (2006) and Industry and Higher Education (2008).

Please see Dr Jun Li's page at the School of Entrepreneurship and Business, University of Essex.


Co-Editor of Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship

Books / book chapters / monographs

Regional cluster formation: a case study of the software cluster in Birmingham , UK in Manimala, M. (ed.) Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, New Delhi , (forthcoming) (with Mitra, J.)

(2006) (ed.) Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research in China, a special issue in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol.13 (2).

(2002) Financing China’s Rural Enterprises, London and New York : Routledge Curzon, ISBN 0-415-29682-X. (simultaneously published by the University of Hawai’i Press, ISBN 0-8248-2744-9)

(2001) Internationalisation of SMEs: Challenges and Policies, Beijing : Mingjian Publishing House, ISBN 7-80112-354-9/F.114. (with Zhang, Q.)(in Chinese)

Recent refereed journal publications

(2007), Small firm networking – contents and nature of knowledge sharing and learning, International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, (forthcoming).

(2006), Who are Chinese private entrepreneurs? A study of entrepreneurial attributes and business governance , Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol.13 (2), 148-160 (with Chen, G. and Matlay, H.)

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Refereed conference proceedings

(2006), Creative industries, the creative economy and entrepreneurship in the periphery, Proceedings of 29 th ISBE National Conference: International Entrepreneurship, November, Cardiff (with Gleave, B. and Mitra, J.).

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(2001), The evolution of the IT software industry and technological entrepreneurship in India : some early considerations, Proceedings of the 46 th ICSB World Conference, 17–20 June 2001, Taipei, Taiwan, (with Mitra, J.).

Professional articles / e-papers / working papers

(2006), Book review of Yeung, H., Chinese Capitalism in a Global Era: Towards Hybrid Capitalism, London and New York : Routledge (2004), in Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol.13 (2), 284-6.

(2004), Science parks and entrepreneurship in the context of globalisation, China Investment Environment, Vol.1 (1).

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(2002), Higher Education Institutions and the High Value Consumer Product Cluster in the West Midlands, Business School, University of Central England.

(2002), Competency Analysis – the SOLCO Project, Business School, University of Central England.

Research projects

(2005-6) Entrepreneurship Research Project (funded by Thames Gateway Partnership)

(2005) New Curriculum for International Transfer of Technologies for Entrepreneurial Development - Asia-Link EU project manager

(2003) Regional Entrepreneurship Review – the West Midlands (OECD LEED Programme).

(2002-3) Build Entrepreneurial Clusters (European Social Fund Programme).

(2001-3) Key Competencies for Local Economic Growth (Leonardo da Vinci Programme).

(2000-01) Technology, Information, Innovation and Learning Transfer for a Knowledge Creating Region (European Social Fund ADAPT Programme).


EU Asia-Link Programme Award. Value €250,000. Period: 2003-2005. Purpose: To research into developing an international Masters programme in entrepreneurship and innovation. Co-award holder: Professor Jay Mitra (University of Central England).

Trade Partner UK, Value £6,000, Period: 2002, Purpose: To support a group of 10 SMEs to attend the 'Exchange Mart' of the 2 nd IEF Conference in Beijing and to investigate business opportunities in China.