The ESRC & CEA (UK) China Studies Seminar Series

The CEA (UK) was awarded ESRC funding to run China's Economic and Business and Social Policy Studies Seminar Series for 2001 and 2002. This is a well-established seminar series that has been run since 1993 by the Chinese Economic Association (UK) which also organises the largest annual conference of Chinese studies in Europe every April for its 300 members from around the world. The seminar series aims to, first, exchange ideas and update information on the development of the Chinese economy and business, and its social policy among academics and professionals who are interested in the study of China. Second, it is to disseminate research output for promoting high quality studies on China's economy and business, and so to generate publications in academic journals for both CEA members and academic researchers who have interests in the study of China.

Overall, the seminar series is valuable for two groups of audiences. One is academics who will be informed about a research forefront on economics and business studies related to China. Another is practitioners who will gain up-to-date information on the latest changes in China's economic, business and policy development.

It is hoped that not only will CEA(UK) seminars are beneficial for your study of China, but also will be supported by your contribution in organising your interested seminars for our CEA members. If you are interested in proposing a seminar, please contact the Chair of the Seminar Series Committee that will review your proposal, Dr Guy Liu, at Department of Economics and Finance, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB3 8PH, or e-mail to

Some of the papers presented at the ESRC Chinese Economic Seminar Series have been published in such academic journals as:

Macroeconomic Management Challenges Faced by China's New Leadership

The seminar was given by Professor Wing Thye Woo, Department of Economics, University of California at Davis, and took place on 18 June 2003 in the School of Management, University of Surrey. Wing Thye Woo is Professor in the Department of Economics, University of California at Davis; Special Adviser for East Asian Economies in the Millennium Project of the United Nations (a project that intends to halve the absolute poverty rate by 2015); and Visiting Professor at the Earth Institute of Columbia University. Professor Woo directs the East Asia Programme within the Centre for Globalisation and Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

The seminar was open to all academics and practitioners interested in China. Limited funding was available to cover the costs of rail and coach travel for CEA student members.