Sustainable Industrial Development in China:-
Competitiveness Buildup and Environmental Challenges


16-17 April 2009

School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The Department of Industrial Economics at the Fudan University Management School, the Lancaster China Centre for Management, Lancaster University Management School, and the Centre for Economic Development and Institutions of Brunel University are cordially inviting papers to be presented at an international conference on China’s sustainable industrial development, which is to be held in Shanghai on the 16th and 17th of April, 2009. The working language of the conference is English.

Conference Background and Themes

The last three decades have witnessed the dramatic emergence of China as a manufacturing and trading powerhouse in the world. Discussions and speculations already abound on its far-reaching implications both for China’s own economic and social development and for the global economic and business landscape. Much of the existing assessment, however, is based on aggregate indicators such as gross output value and trade data and short-term financial results at the industry and firm levels. Notwithstanding the importance of these dimensions, there are deeper dynamics and wider impacts of China’s industrial growth that remain understudied.

We therefore aim to examine the long-term competitive position of Chinese industrial sectors in international markets and the relationship of its rapid industrial expansion to the sustainability of environment and welfare in China and the rest of the world. Concretely, to what extent have Chinese industrial firms managed to shed their low-value-added images by upgrading themselves or securing niches in the global production system? What factors and mechanisms contribute to or constrain the buildup of competitive capabilities of indigenous industrial enterprises? What are the impacts of the growth upon China’s social welfare, life quality, and its already fragile ecosystem? What positive and negative spillovers has this growth produced and is this growth producing to the outside world both in business/economic and environmental terms?

Given the considerable demand for the preceding research agendas, this conference provides a unique opportunity for a timely exploration of the sustainability of China’s phenomenal industrial expansion through the complementary angles of competitiveness buildup and environmental impacts, which we believe is of great academic and policy relevance to our global community.

Submission of papers is invited from across research disciplines in the area of industrial, environmental, and institutional economics, management, development studies, etc. Papers that are pertinent to the following issues would be welcome, while we also encourage submissions that concern the general topic of the conference.

Submission Arrangements

Please email your abstract and paper in an attachment to Ms. Libby Copeland at and also to Dr. Pei SUN (孙霈) at The deadline for submission is: abstract by 15th December 2008, full paper by 1st March 2009. Selected papers will also be considered for publication in the special issue of an English Journal and a Chinese Journal (translation will be arranged by Fudan) through the normal peer review process.

Authors will be notified of the result of their submission by 31st January 2009. The principal or a nominated author of selected papers will be invited to present their papers at a two-day international conference in Shanghai. The hotel costs in Shanghai (maximum of 3 nights) and meals for these selected authors will be met by the conference organizers.

All invited speakers will be offered an opportunity to visit Chinese company(s)/or Shanghai government institution(s) and to have a round-table meeting with their managers/officials about questions the researchers are interested in.

Conference Committee

Members from Fudan University

Professor Xiongwen LU (陆雄文), Dean of the School of Management

Professor Mingjie RUI (芮明杰), Head of the Department of Industrial Economics

Professor Qiuzhi XUE (薛求知), Associate Dean of the School of Management

Professor Yihong YU (郁义鸿), Associate Dean of the School of Management

Professor Jianji HU (胡建绩), Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Economics

Members from Lancaster University

Professor David Brown, Director of the Lancaster China Management Centre, Lancaster University Management School

Professor Alasdair MacBean, Emeritus Professor in Economics, Lancaster University Management School

Members from Brunel University

Professor John Bennett, Director of the Centre for Economic Development and Institutions, Brunel University

Dr. Guy S. Liu (刘芍佳), Senior Lecturer in Industrial Economics, Department of Economics and Finance, Brunel University; and Professor in Economics, Sichuan University Business School

Overseas Conference Coordinator

Ms. Libby Copeland, Lancaster University Management School

Domestic Conference Coordinator

Dr. Pei SUN (孙霈), Associate Professor in Industrial Economics, School of Management, Fudan University